cello powder
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_ 26-08-08 ->The very first drone. An open C2. Nice and Easy

_ 27-08-08 -> C2 quarter tone. Another 13 until the next open string. Very painful!

_ 28-08-08 -> C2 sharp. Painful for the right hand again! And it is very hot! Break to go to Mulhouse.

_ 01-09-08 -> C2 sharp quarter tone. Exploring unknown territories. Listening is pure pleasure. Still painful though.

_ 02-09-08 -> D2. Decided to record two drones today. Ambitious.

_ 02-09-08 -> D2 quarter tone. Not a very good idea. I feel exhausted.

_ 03-09-08 -> D2 sharp. I am developing a way to count time without a timer. Counting up to 100 is approximately 10 minutes. That's around 10 bow strokes every minute.

_ 05-09-08 -> D2 sharp quarter tone. Took a day off. It makes a great difference.

_ 07-09-08 -> E2. The noise parts are full of overtones that penetrate my brain.

_ 08-09-08 -> E2 quarter tone. Missed the train to the north. Never happened to me before. Is it the drones?

_ 11-09-08 -> F2. Back home and going on strong. All I can think of when I am away is the next drone.

_ 12-09-08 -> F2 quarter tone. Second attempt for a double recording today. I really anticipate the next open string.

_ 12-09-08 -> F2 sharp. Not a very good idea. I feel exhausted.

_ 14-09-08 -> F2 sharp quarter tone. But I never learn. I will try two drones again but one is an open string.

_ 14-09-08 -> G2. What a relief. I wish the cello had only open strings. Most of all for the sound.

_ 15-09-08 -> G2 quarter tone. I am now alternating fingers on the left hand while playing. It so much easier. Took me 16 hours of recording to come up with this.

_ 15-09-08 -> G2 sharp. So I'll try another one today. Yes it works. Life is good.

_ 16-09-08 -> G2 sharp quarter tone. Angry at someone I love. Washed all the bad thoughts through the recording. I strongly recommend!

_ 17-09-08 -> A2. I am thinking of further possibilities. I wish I could hear 100 cellists playing these drones live.

_ 18-09-08 -> A2 quarter tone. More possibilities. String quartet powder. That would need 100 cellos, around 70 violas and around 150 violins for a live performance. Beautiful.

_ 19-09-08 -> A2 sharp. Oh yes. Orchestral powder. I cannot dare to imagine a live performance of that. Fine acoustic noise. The conductor's baton included.

_ 19-09-08 -> A2 sharp quarter tone. I am getting used to it and my stamina is improving. I can easily record two drones a day.

_ 22-09-08 -> B2. But there is some tiredness accumulating. Had to take the weekend off.

_ 23-09-08 -> B2 quarter tone. The end of the first octave. And it sounds beautiful. Only another 76 drones left.

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_ 24-09-08 -> C3. Decided to bring in the noise sooner on the second octave. Quite heavy on the bow.

_ 25-09-08 -> C3 quarter tone. The noise on this register of the cello is quite impressive. Sometimes there are breaks in the sound that have a blues like feeling. Other times it sounds digital. I love this instrument. But have to destroy it.

_ 26-09-08 -> C3 sharp. Approaching the next open string. The sound still amazes me.

_ 28-09-08 -> C3 sharp quarter tone. I have to come up with something interesting to say about every drone.

_ 29-09-08 -> D3. Glorious!!! I should play that live sometime.

_ 29-09-08 -> D3 quarter tone. Left hand is not a problem anymore since the higher strings are thinner. But the angle of the bow worries me. Not that relaxed anymore.

_ 30-09-08 -> D3 sharp. Useless information: I will be the only person ever to listen to all of these drones separately.

_ 01-10-08 -> D3 sharp quarter tone. I am entering the "wolf tone" register. It is loud and resonates all over the room.

_ 02-10-08 -> E3. Definitely on the "wolf tone" now. Very hard to keep a pure tone. But the noise is more than rewarding.

_ 03-10-08 -> E3 quarter tone. Still on "wolf" area. And it is getting louder. I wonder what the neighbors think.

_ 04-10-08 -> F3. Goodbye wolves.

_ 05-10-08 -> F3 quarter tone. Tendonitis strikes! My right hand aches. This is bad.

_ 07-10-08 -> F3 sharp. Took two days off. Right hand is better but I should be very very careful. Still too many drones to record.

_ 08-10-08 -> F3 sharp quarter tone. I found a way to relax the bow-hand by turning the instrument to the right. Took me 8 drones to come up with that. Better late than never.

_ 09-10-08 -> G3. Impressive. During this one I listened to Greek pentatonic folk music from Ipiros, an Evan Parker solo and Radioactivity by Kraftwerk.

_ 09-10-08 -> G3 quarter tone. Tendonitis is gone and I am going for a second one. It was beautiful. An hour went by like if it was 5 minutes.

_10-10-08 -> G3 sharp. At the extreme ends of volume [soft & loud] the sound splits into overtones and undertones. Almost like a blossoming flower. But musicians don't like their sounds to blossom, they keep it castrated and heavily medicated with vibrato.

_10-10-08 -> G3 sharp quarter tone. Only A string until the end. Another 58 drones to go.

_11-10-08 -> A3. This was clumsy. But got a lot better after minute 31!

_11-10-08 -> A3 quarter tone. The high frequencies are coming. At last!

_12-10-08 -> A3 sharp. It is impressive how this old instrument has all the effects built in. Phaser, overdrive and ring modulator. The possibilities are endless but impossible to control.

_12-10-08 -> A3 sharp quarter tone. Those high frequencies are messing with my mind...

_13-10-08 -> B3. Spent most of this drone laughing... I have no idea why!

_14-10-08 -> B3 quarter tone. The second octave is over!!!!

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_14-10-08 -> C4. Drones are violent and uncontrollable when they’re young, soft and mature when they’re old.

_15-10-08 -> C4 quarter tone. Advice: do not eat salty food before a one hour drone!

_15-10-08 -> C4 sharp. I was waiting for 50 minutes for something really beautiful to happen. It did!

_16-10-08 -> C4 sharp quarter tone. Michael Duch coined the term "methadrone". I am on it.

_17-10-08 -> D4. More than half the range of the cello lies on the A string. Gives me the feeling that I am close to the end but this is such a bitter lie...

_17-10-08 -> D4 quarter tone. Recording two drones a day is easy now.

_18-10-08 -> D4 sharp. There are builders across the street. Although the noise does not penetrate the recording it sounds really nice together.

_20-10-08 -> D4 sharp quarter tone. After a terrible hangover nothing seems to make any sense to the point that I am thinking of quitting...

_20-10-08 -> E4. But it got better in the afternoon. In any case I am going on!

_21-10-08 -> E4 quarter tone. Back in shape and going strong. Top of the world!

_22-10-08 -> F4. Sometimes my mind goes completely blank throughout... nice feeling. Off to London now.

_28-10-08 -> F4 quarter tone. Really helpful to spend some days away from the drones. I am starting again with a clear mind. I am curious to see how much this will last...

_28-10-08 -> F4 sharp. This cello has as much input to this project as I do. This clearly would give it the right to turn me into powder...

_29-10-08 -> F4 sharp quarter tone. And the question is: why am I doing this? I still have no idea... Am I having second thoughts? Perhaps...

_29-10-08 -> G4. Yes I have second thoughts. I look at the wood while playing and sometimes I feel terrified…

_30-10-08 -> G4 quarter tone. But it is only an instrument, an object…

_30-10-08 -> G4 sharp. I am still clueless... But I go on; it is too late to stop. The sound of all these drones together is amazing to my ears. I’ll keep this as the main reason for now.

_31-10-08 -> G4 sharp quarter tone. I would never play this drone for my friends. Perhaps for my relatives though...

_31-10-08 -> A4. I have the feeling it is not that easy to find nice drones up here... I'll keep looking anyway...

_01-11-08 -> A4 quarter tone. It is getting more and more difficult to hold the drone. And more and more painful.

_02-11-08 -> A4 sharp. Oh but sometimes there is a great reward for the pain! Class A noise!

_03-11-08 -> A4 sharp quarter tone. I almost slept! Almost!

_04-11-08 -> B4. It is getting more and more uncomfortable. And I know those last 30 drones are the hardest ones. And I am already tired...

_05-11-08 -> B4 quarter tone. Not just physically tired. These high drones are an emotional magnifying lens. I felt rage, anger and confusion. Like never before! And it was all gone when I stopped.

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_06-11-08 -> C5. Pure sadness...It was not the drone, but it made the sadness unbearable. I should have saved some low notes for times like this. Low drones are healers, high drones are killers...

_07-11-08 -> C5 quarter tone. I never really made any formal decision, I just let the instrument lead me through the first drone of every octave and then followed the same path.

_08-11-08 -> C5 sharp. . ...and that makes the drones organic, "whole range organic drones" …

_09-11-08 -> C5 sharp quarter tone.  Migraines at the golden section…

_09-11-08 -> D5. D is for divine!

_10-11-08 -> D5 quarter tone.  I am now convinced that there is a kind of cosmic knowledge hidden inside these drones…

_11-11-08 -> D5 sharp. …or, I am nicely hallucinating.

_12-11-08 -> D5 sharp quarter tone. Music is at least twice infinite, inside and outside.

_12-11-08 -> E5.  In just about every drone something unexpected happens. But sometimes I miss it… like this time.

_13-11-08 -> E5 quarter tone.  The one hour span has a completely different feeling by now. It is like a place that I got to know well little by little. It feels comfortable.

_14-11-08 -> F5.  Staring out the window, beautiful day, have not left the flat for days…

_15-11-08 -> F5 quarter tone. I am listening to all these new sounds coming out of the cello, they immerge, it is impossible to recreate or control them in any way. Maybe in the future…

_16-11-08 -> F5 sharp. I am in pain but I will stop complaining here.

_19-11-08 -> F5 sharp quarter tone. The high partials are lethal. I must destroy, I must destroy...

_20-11-08 -> G5. I am going away for a few days. This is good, this is very good!

_25-11-08 -> G5 quarter tone. Before I knew it, I was back droning, staring at the stopwatch...

_26-11-08 -> G5 sharp. Simply inhuman.

_28-11-08 -> G5 sharp quarter tone. I got ill; recording with a fever was not as tripping as I thought it would be...

_29-11-08 -> A5 quarter tone. A 56k modem serenading an old dot matrix printer and there was definitely a connection.

_30-11-08 -> A5 sharp. High altitudes, overwhelming view, less oxygen… 

_01-12-08 -> A5 sharp quarter tone. Thinking about what to write got me so distracted that I missed both places where I should have changed the sound…

_01-12-08 -> A5. I saved this one for later  (its proper turn was four drones back) but I have a good reason for that.

_02-12-08 -> B5. I don't want to jinx it but it is almost a hundred hours of recording and nothing went wrong.

_03-12-08 -> B5 quarter tone. It went smooth, it went fast and it was beautiful and the fourth octave is finished!

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_03-12-08 -> C6 sharp. The A5 jumb back and this C sharp jumb ahead will form a virtual knot that will seal this long string of drones forever.

_04-12-08 -> C6. Stillness is a virtue.

_05-12-08 -> C6 quarter tone. The silence after the drone is deafening. And it makes it all worthwhile…

_06-12-08 -> C6 sharp quarter tone. It's over!